Canadian Immigration Lawyers

Professional DUI Entry Help

If you have a DUI in the past 10 years you are considered non-admissible to Canada, which means that you are precluded from entry into the country! There are several ways in which an experienced immigration lawyer can assist someone who has been barred from entering Canada. These include ‘deemed rehabilitation’ and ‘streamlined rehabilitation’, both of which can be done at any Canadian port of entry and allow an individual to once again travel to Canada. Also included are ‘approval of rehabilitation’ and ‘temporary resident permit’, both of which can be done at any Canadian Consulate in the USA. In addition to being lengthy, this process can often be very complex which is why it’s important to work with a Canadian immigration lawyer.

The Canadian immigration background check can be extremely extensive, and is almost guaranteed to find every arrest or conviction you’ve ever had, so if you’ve had a DUI and want to go to Canada competent legal help is strongly advised. Licensed Canadian immigration lawyers can improve a person’s chances for admission to Canada even if they have a criminal background, and can make the process much easier by handling all the necessary paperwork.

Similar to how Canadians with a criminal record (excluding DUIs) require a US entry waiver to travel to Canada, a Temporary Resident Permit can help an American go to Canada with a DUI. You can apply for a TRP without assistance, but a lawyer can help strength your application and improve the narrative for why you wish to visit the country. The stronger your narrative for requiring entry into Canada, the more likely your TRP will be approved and the longer it will be good for (multi-entry TRPs can be issued for as long as 3 years). An experienced immigration attorney will often understand the formula for success that can help him or her assist their clients in entry to Canada.