Is it possible to travel to Canada with a Reckless Driving?

Does a Misdemeanor for Reckless Driving Cause Issues When Visiting Canada?

Most people know that a driving under the influence or DUI conviction can make an American ineligible to visit Canada and result in them getting stopped at the border. It is less common knowledge how an impaired driving arrest that gets pled down to reckless driving is treated at the Canadian border, however. Beginning in December of 2018, a misdemeanor reckless driving in the United States of America equates to a serious crime in Canada that can be punished by as long as ten years behind bars. Crazy right? Canada implemented really strict new intoxicated driving laws when they legalized marijuana and they also made dangerous and reckless driving offenses felonies. This means a wet reckless driving or dry reckless driving (no mention of alcohol) can make a US citizen illegal when entering Canada causing them to be denied.

If an American citizen needs to enter Canada but has a reckless conviction at some point in their life they may be able to enter by convincing the Government of Canada that they're not dangerous. After five years, it is possible to apply for a Canadian pardon called Criminal Rehabilitation which is a forever fix. At any time, it is also possible to apply for a short waiver called a Temporary Resident Permit or TRP for short. Unfortunately both applications are insanely confusing and they are tough to file correctly without hiring one of the many DUI entry lawyers in Canada. President Trump constantly making fun of Canadian leader Trudeau certainly didn't make getting approved for a pardon or waiver any easier.

Many people from USA just stay away from Canada if they have a reckless driving conviction in their past. Those who live near the border, or have business trips to Vancouver or Toronto may decide its worth dealing with the paperwork though. If you have a wet reckless conviction in California, it may also be possible to expunge it which can make getting back into Canada much easier. Sealing your record does not work, however, since the offense still shows up on your FBI report which is what Canadian border patrol look at when you show up with a US passport. Reckless driving can be a disaster when driving into Canada, but can also be a big issue when flying into the country (the border rules are the same).